An Introduction to the Beautiful City of Malang, East Java, Indonesia

Malang is a city located in the Indonesian province of East Java. It has an area of 240 km² and a population of 1,919,881 people (as per 2018). Malang was founded by Raden Raharjo in 1656 on the site of a village called Tritis. The city has since grown into one of the most important cities in Indonesia because it is strategically located near two major cities: Surabaya and Jakarta. Malang is also known as a center for education because there are many universities here including University of Muhammadiyah Malang, Tirtayasa Catholic University, Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana Indonesia (UKSW) and other institutions such as STTDI (State Technical Teachers Training College).

The weather

Malang's weather is tropical, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 30 degrees Celsius. Because it is located in the mountains, Malang has a cooler climate than other places in East Java. The city also has a dry climate with little rainfall throughout the year.

Becak rides

  • If you're looking for a ride, try to find a becak driver in the main square or along the side of the road.

  • They can be anywhere from 10-20,000 rupiah.

  • Becak drivers are generally friendly, but they might not speak English so be prepared to speak Indonesian if you're not fluent in Bahasa.

  • If you want to take pictures of your driver and/or his vehicle (which I highly recommend), make sure he says yes first! 

  • The 5 Best Places to Visit in Malang

The architecture

Malang is an ancient city with a long history, home to many cultures and diverse people. The architecture of Malang is a reflection of its rich heritage, with buildings reflecting Dutch colonial architecture and Chinese influence to Hindu temples and mosques.

The city is also home to several Chinese temples that were built during the Dutch colonial period (16th–19th century). One example is the Kwan Im Temple located at Jl. Cipaku No. 6, which was built in 1810 by local Chinese merchants who wanted their own place of worship separate from that of the Christians or Muslims. Another example is the Tian Hou Temple at Jl. Taman Budaya No 1., which was built during World War II by local Chinese residents as a place where they could pray without fear while under Japanese occupation

The mountains

Your first stop in the mountains should be Mount Bromo, a terrifyingly active volcano that sits just outside of Malang. If you're brave enough to get close to it (and its lava-drenched crater), there is a wonderful hiking trail that leads up the mountain and provides stunning views of the city below. You can also see many volcanoes from this vantage point; Mount Merapi, Mount Kelud, and Mount Semeru are all visible on clear days.

The best part about exploring Malang by foot is that there are many other hikes available within easy distance from the city center: Mount Kendeng offers sweeping views over Lake Brantas; Batu Mejan has hot springs; Kedaton produces rice wine; and Tosari is home to an ancient temple complex. Hiking trails are an excellent way for tourists and residents alike to experience nature without having to invest in expensive gear or gear up for lengthy expeditions—you'll find plenty of options near your hotel!

Coban Rondo waterfall

To get there, you'll need to take a bus from Malang or Surabaya to Jombang. From Jombang, you can take a short taxi ride to the waterfall. The cost should be relatively inexpensive; and it's worth every penny.

Upon arriving at Coban Rondo waterfall, you can spend an entire day lounging in one of the many pools surrounding the falls. There are also hiking trails that can take you up close to these beautiful waterfalls! If you're feeling adventurous enough after your hike, try jumping off one of them into one of the pools below!

No matter what time of year it is when you visit this natural wonderland—whether it's summertime or wintertime—there will always be something for everyone at Coban Rondo waterfall!

Batu Secret Zoo

Batu Secret Zoo is a zoo located in Batu, East Java, Indonesia. The zoo was built in the 1930s and used to be a private zoo owned by the Dutch colonial government. Later on, with the independence of Indonesia, this became a public place for citizens to visit and enjoy their time there. The area of this zoo is quite small but still large enough for people to walk around and explore during their visit. There are many attractions within this zoo such as penguins from Antarctica and monkeys from Africa!

Travel Malang Surabaya mulai 125.000

There are also exhibits that show you how animals live in their natural habitat (or at least as close as possible) such as deer running freely without any fences separating them from visitors who come by every day just so they can see how beautiful these creatures really are!!!

Selomangleng cave

Selomangleng cave is a natural cave located in the village of Selomangleng, Pacet district, Malang Regency, East Java, Indonesia. The cave is located in the middle of a forest area and it's shaped like an amphitheater. It has about 2 meters high and 9 meters wide.

The name "Selomangleng" is derived from the word "selo" which means 'in front' or 'at first' and "mangleng" which means 'high'. So together they mean that people who want to go inside must be careful because it is high up there.

Malang has a rich culture, beautiful nature and interesting history!

Malang is a beautiful city with a rich culture, beautiful nature and interesting history. Malang is the second largest city in East Java, known as the city of flowers. Malang has many historical sites and it's famous for its food. Paket Wisata Malang


Malang is a beautiful city that has a rich cultural heritage. It's also home to amazing nature and many historical sites. If you like traveling, you should definitely consider visiting Malang!